Should you buy a Desktop or a Laptop?

Should you buy a Desktop or a Laptop?

In today’s video, we answer this specific question.

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2 replies on “Should you buy a Desktop or a Laptop?”

Desktop since cheaper yung parts. Yung 44k ko nakabili nako ng mid-end na PC na enough na para maging future proof for the next 4-5 years. Kung sa laptop baka saktuhang specs lang yung price na yan and need dn agad palitan after 2-3 years. Plus desktops can handle heat better lalo na for cpu and gpu intensive tasks unlike laptops na mabilis uminit and magdegrade yung parts. I use desktop for resource-intensive tasks and pag nasa bahay lang ako. I am planning to buy a chromebook or a light laptop if ever need ko tlga magwork sa labas, though rare since d rin ako makapagconcentrate magwork if nasa labas ako.

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