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Most Facebook Ads DON’T WORK. But mine do (most of the time anyway)

I’m currently getting more orders and inquiries than I can handle so I had to turn off my FB Ads. (and I’m actually ignoring a lot of inquiries)

What I did is automate & integrate my Facebook Ads and Chat system in such a manner that generates leads and purchases. It’s far from perfect, but it’s been working great so far. It’s not that difficult to set-up, really.

The Numbers:
On a P700 weekly ad spend budget, I’m getting around P3500 worth of orders for one of my stores. That’s a return on advertising spend of 500% and a total profit on ad spend of around 250%. (Unfortunately, my inventory stock orders are going to be delayed for a while with the Coronavirus)

My Facebook ads have also been one of the major building blocks of the VABootcamp, which now has over 100,000 students in our free courses and 5,000 enrolled students in our paid courses.

I don’t usually share these numbers but I’m sharing them with you. And not just the numbers, but I’m also planning on sharing my methodology and process on how I am able to run Facebook ads for small businesses successfully.

This is the official announcement of my Facebook Ads & Chatbots for Small Business Masterclass.

Most courses talk about all these different features and such of Facebook that you don’t really know where to start and what to do. In fact, I personally don’t use half the stuff Facebook offers.

But I still make good money using Facebook Ads.

So I want to focus on what matters. What matters for small businesses and the marketers that serve small businesses. At the end of the day, we want to create effective ads that make people buy, let’s focus on that.

The course itself will be held LIVE in 4 weekly calls of 1-2 hours each. After the 4 weekly calls, I’ll also provide 3 months of ad consultation to all enrollees.

So what matters? What’s in the course? Well, everything you need to know regarding marketing with FB ads and chatbots without getting too technical. Automation, Audiences, Pixels, Custom Conversions, Reports, Marketing Funnels, what kind of images and copy work, ad policies, how to run tests, and a lot more.

This course also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. So if you enroll, join all 4 calls and don’t like what you saw, you can get your money back (you won’t get the consultations of course). The cost for this course is: P25,000 if you pay upfront or 3 monthly installments of P9,000.

Stop running ads that don’t work or learning stuff that doesn’t matter. Enroll in the FB Ads & Chatbots for Small Biz masterclass. Also, I’m not sure if I’ll offer this again (this is more of a Coronavirus launch), so there might not be a “next time” to enroll.

First session will start the first week of April.


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